boire souvent, bien vivre – eau saine

DI'O means UAE Mandingo, a language spoken throughout West Africa, especially in Senegal, Gambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali. 

The reference "Queen of Water" refers to the area Linguère, zone where the water comes from. The city Linguère takes its name from the name "Linguère" which is the title of the first lady in some Wolof aereas of Senegal.

Often is used Linguère Senegal for several commercial products, to avoid confusion and keep our originality. We have given the brand a name, easy to pronounce in all languages ​​and especially adapted to the African market. 

For the city of Linguère, the toponym comes from the Queen Linguère Boury Djilène Ndao, the founder of the city probably in the sixteenth century. 

This water with comprehensive nutritional qualities will be marketed in the form of plain water, sparkling water and flavored water. 

The cost of building the factory Turnkey project is of : 15 millions of euros, and the producton capacity is of : 200 millions to 300 millions of liters per year.


  • The natural water gets its exceptional qualities from the purity of its source.